Oxfam Annual Review 2016-2017

The past year has been pivotal in the lives of so many. Thanks to you, people all over the world are beating poverty and suffering.

You were there for people facing devastating droughts. You provided a lifeline for people fleeing terrifying conflict and violence. You helped supply entire refugee camps with clean, safe water. And you made sure that more women can stand up for their rights. To end poverty for everyone, for good, this support is vital.

The challenges are still huge. But they are not insurmountable. We have seen extreme poverty halved in just 15 years. There is still a long way to go, but if we all work together we can end poverty completely.

The past year shows the true potential of people power. This is our chance to say thank you.

One year. Millions of lives changed.

Together, we responded to 31 emergencies around the world

You helped us reach 11.6 million people with emergency relief and long-term development

2.3 million of you took online actions in support of our campaigns, helping beat poverty for good


By being part of our emergency, long-term and campaigning work, you’ve had a direct impact on the lives of millions of people.


Your support saves lives. It’s that simple.

These are extremely difficult times. We face the largest refugee crisis since World War 2 and ongoing conflict has left millions of people on the brink of famine. But during the past year, we have continued to get life-saving aid to people, and stay there as long as we’re needed.

During 2016/17 Oxfam responded to 31 emergencies worldwide, making sure women, men and children have the essentials they need to survive.

In total, Oxfam provided emergency support for 8.6 million people hit by conflict and natural disaster.

Credit: Moayed Al.Shaibani/Oxfam

Saving lives, ending suffering

The crisis in Yemen has left millions of people in need of aid, many of them forced to flee their homes. With the added threats of famine and cholera, the situation is beyond desperate. In 2016/17, Oxfam helped more than one million people in eight of the worst affected areas, across both sides of the conflict. This included getting clean, safe water to 690,000 people and cash or vouchers to 135,000 people, so families could buy food to survive.

Photo: Farah, age 8, collects water in Al-Manjorah camp, Yemen, where Oxfam is helping families forced to flee their homes.

Credit: Albert González Farran/Oxfam

Food. Water. Hope.

In South Sudan, the world’s newest country, people have been living with war since 2013. But in the summer of 2016, the situation worsened. In February 2017, famine was declared in South Sudan for the first time in six years. Thanks to you, Oxfam provided 600,000 people with life-saving support, including food and clean safe water. But our work doesn’t stop there, and you helped us provide seeds and tools, fishing kits and training so that communities can beat poverty in the long term.

Photo: Women carry sacks of food airdropped by the World Food Programme and distributed by Oxfam in Jonglei, South Sudan.

Credit: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

A lifeline for families in need

The conflict in Iraq has left millions of people in urgent need. Fighting in Mosul resulted in hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their homes. Oxfam provided water for entire camps and spread awareness about the importance of good hygiene – vital in conditions where disease can spread fast. Across Iraq, you helped us reach 365,000 people with vital support.


Sharuja Polaq, a small village in Iraq, welcomed 170 families forced to flee, including Husain’s. Oxfam is supporting people there with clean water and sanitation. Photo: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

War in Syria has resulted in millions of people being forced to flee their homes, and many of them, their country. During 2016/17, we provided more than one million people with water across front lines, installing generators and water treatment units and rehabilitating wells.

We provided 17,000 families with hygiene kits, built 490 water tanks and installed water purification units on the Quiq river so that the water kept on flowing. And we helped thousands of people in neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan.


Globally, we still face need on a massive scale. We must do more to save lives and help people beat poverty for good. Together, we can make it happen.


Your support doesn’t just provide a lifeline when disaster strikes. You help people overcome poverty in the long term, too.

This year has been no different.

In Ghana, we’re helping people grow more in the face of a changing climate. In Zambia, we are fighting inequality between men and women by tackling the issue of unpaid care. And that’s not all.


Thanks to you, Oxfam’s life-changing projects have helped…

Nearly 2 million people get clean, safe water and sanitation facilities

85,000 people to improve their lives through innovative ways to tackle climate change

More than 500,000 women increase their ownership of land and assets

Around 350,000 people to produce better crops and goods, and provide better services – and have more opportunities to sell them

Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam

Growing a brighter future

In Rwanda, Oxfam is helping people work their way out of poverty, by producing dried cassava leaves. Madeleine (above), a single parent, used to struggle to feed her children and her life was full of worry. But joining the cassava business changed everything. “I managed to buy food for my family; pairs of shoes to put on when I am doing my work; and clothes for my children,” she says. “This business has changed my life.”

Madeleine, from Rwanda, has seen her family’s life transformed after joining a cassava leaf business, supported by Oxfam.

Photo: Eleanor Farmer

Grace Aciro is just one of the people benefiting from training by Oxfam, that’s tackling inequality now so that we can end poverty in the long term. Credit: Julius Ceaser Kasujja/Oxfam

Empowering women, ending poverty

Making sure women know their rights is a powerful way to end poverty. Grace Aciro, from Uganda, has seen huge changes in her life – and husband – thanks to training provided by Oxfam, designed to challenge traditional attitudes about the role of women. “When we started living together he told me that he’d married me to do all the household activities. But he totally changed after training,” she says. “Now, any of us can bathe the baby, fetch water and collect firewood.” Grace Aciro and her husband also farm together so they’re growing and earning more too.

Photo: Grace Aciro is just one of the people benefiting from training by Oxfam, that’s helping end poverty by tackling inequality.


To end poverty for good, we must tackle the root causes that keep people poor. That’s why, as well as helping people directly, we campaign for change.

Every campaign you supported during the past year is pushing for a fairer, more just world.

Together, we pushed for a crackdown on tax havens. We campaigned for an end to the sale of UK arms to Saudi Arabia, exposing how British-made bombs have helped fuel the crisis in Yemen. And we demanded that governments contribute their fair share of aid and resettle their fair share of refugees.

An amazing 2.3 million of you have taken online actions in support of Oxfam’s poverty-busting campaigns.

Credit: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Taking on the tax dodgers

Tax dodging by some multinational corporations has been estimated to cost the world’s poorest countries $100 billion – money that’s desperately needed for vital services like hospitals and schools.

It’s why we’ve called on the UK Government to champion greater tax transparency and a crackdown on tax havens. In the past year, tens of thousands of you have taken action.

Together, we campaigned hard for the UK to prioritise tax dodging. And we got tax onto the agenda of the Anti-Corruption Summit, which saw a number of world leaders commit to greater tax transparency. It’s good news, because when companies are open about where they pay tax, we can see that they’re paying their fair share.

Photo: London’s iconic Trafalgar Square transformed into a tropical tax haven by Oxfam, Action Aid and Christian Aid as part of our campaigning on tax dodging.

Credit: Andy Hall/Oxfam

A red line for Yemen

Yemen has been torn apart by war. Facing starvation and cholera, the lives of millions of people are at risk. As well as helping get water and food to families in Yemen right now, Oxfam supporters have campaigned hard for an end to the violence so that people can recover in the long term.

Since the conflict in Yemen escalated, the UK has exported billions of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, who are leading airstrikes in Yemen. Tens of thousands of you joined our campaign, demanding Boris Johnson use his power to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia. In January, you raised the pressure with our Red Line for Yemen campaign, urging MPs to help stop UK arms falling on people in desperate need. We won’t stop there.

Photo: Oxfam campaigners pose as Boris Johnson as part of our campaign to stop the sale of British-made arms to Saudi Arabia, in light of suffering in Yemen.

Credit: Marc West/Oxfam

We stand as one

The world is in the middle of a refugee crisis, with millions of people forced to flee their homes due to conflict and violence, natural disasters and poverty.

In 2016, we called on you to Stand As One with people forced to flee, and push the UK government to help tackle the refugee crisis. We campaigned at festivals nationwide, and teamed up with Glastonbury to launch the Stand As One album. Coldplay took the campaign on their world tour. And Stand As One went global, with hundreds of thousands of supporters worldwide taking actions in an incredible show of support.

Photo: We took the Stand As One campaign to Glastonbury, where many of you joined the campaign, showing your solidarity with refugees worldwide.

Credit: Tegid Cartwright / Oxfam


Your generosity makes change happen. Here’s a quick breakdown of how our funds were spent last year.

How we spent our funds in 2016-17

More information about where our funds came from and how they were spent can be found in the full Annual Report 2016-17


In the past year, you have gone to incredible lengths to help end poverty. Not only have you donated and campaigned. You’ve also run marathons. Organised gigs. Given hours of your time, volunteering in our shops. As a result, you’ve helped change the lives of even more people worldwide. Thank you.

More than 1,500 of you took part in Trailwalker, trekking an incredible 100km across the South Downs… in under 30 hours.

Photo: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Thousands of you volunteered in Oxfam shops across the UK. A few celebs dropped in to Give A Shift too, including Mystery Jets.

Photo: Marc West/Oxfam

You also organised gigs as part of Oxjam, Oxfam’s very own music festival, using the power of music to change lives worldwide.

Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery raised more than £1.3 million for our humanitarian and development work.

Photo: Darren Casey

Hundreds of you took part in sporting events, pushing yourself to the limit to help beat poverty, faster.

Photo: Richard Blaxall/Oxfam

You also made sure your shopping made a difference, with Oxfam’s shops and other retail activities raising almost £20 million.

Photo: David Azia/Oxfam

“In the past year, your support has helped millions of people worldwide in their fight to beat poverty. We know we can’t do any of this without you. Every day you are making change happen worldwide. As always, we want to thank you for your incredible support over the last year – you have saved lives torn apart by conflict and natural disasters, and given people living in poverty the hope and support they need to build a better future.” – Mark Goldring, CEO Oxfam